I specialize in classical guitar repertoire.
I am currently doing a Master in Lute and Vihuela at ZHDK.

-Repertoire and interpretation.
-Preparation for concerts and admissions to institutions.
-Amateurs and advanced students.
-Musical reading and renaissance tablature.
-Also Jazz, bossa nova and tango for beginners.

-Private online classes (Zoom, Skype)

-Lessons in Zürich: You can find me also on Apprentus  and  Instrumentor.

About my classes

My guitar teaching model is based on books and the approach of guitarist and pedagogue Abel Carlevaro.
In some way, it is about understanding and analyzing the nature of the movements we make to play the guitar in the simplest way possible.
Just as to build a building you need a good foundation, to build a system of skills that allows us to be musicians, we need to know and practice in a conscious way all the movements we do. These movements are what we do when we play just one open string or what we need to do to play the most difficult piece of the repertoire.

I pay special attention to achieve a good balance in teaching. I try to make the student develop at the same time the techniques to play the guitar and the artistic sensibility needed to make music. Because no matter the technical level of the student, my classes will always be oriented to making music and to be able to enjoy the processes that the musical activity involves. A simple guitar piece takes on another dimension if the basic principles of musical interpretation are applied.

After getting to know and listening to how my students play I propose a short and medium term work plan. This plan is presented taking into account the objectives and wishes of each student. Exercises and pieces are included that will also allow to know the repertoire of the guitar. Therefore, each work plan includes specific and general contents.